How to run faster, be stronger, run longer without burnout and injuries
- Have you struggled to fit in training with your busy lifestyle?

- Maybe you are an absolute beginner and don't know where to start or perhaps you have done a few races but keep having motivation or injury troubles?

- Or maybe you have been running for years but the huge mileage you used to do is not bringing the results and you don't know why.
- Do you want to beat last years time or finish at the front of the pack?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then we have the solution for you, read on
What Our Athletes Say:
Deo Encarnacion:
"Lisa and Neil are skilled mentors who have become friends through my journey. Unlike other on-line coaching programmes, Running Hot Coaching make an effort to keep it personal"
Caroline Bray
Running Hot has changed my whole approach. I  am focusing on form and quality miles, strength and mobiity. Recently I took 52s off my pb from 2 months ago. Even better I didn't feel like I had exhausted myself trying to run that time. Very happy. Thanks Lisa & Neil"
Nicola Benzie
"I had a lot of injuries to overcome and I really do not think I could have stayed focused without you both. I really can not thank you enough for your guidance and support and will be totally recommending your coaching business"
Introducing Running Hot Coaching Founders: Lisa Tamati & Neil Wagstaff
Lisa is a Professional Ultra Endurance athlete with 25 years experience running the toughest endurance events in the world. 
She has over 140 ultramarathons to her name, national titles a number of podium places in international races, has participated in many expeditions and regularly pushes the limits of human endurance. She is the author of two international best selling running books and sought after motivational speaker, run coach and mindset expert. 
Neil is an Exercise Scientist with over 23 years experience in the health and fitness industry, he has worked in many settings from gyms to clinical setting to sports teams and has coached hundreds of athletes over the years. 
He is also an ultramarathon runner and has extensive experience both as an athlete and as a run and health coach.
Why Our Runners Get Consistent Results?
As Runners, we share many common problems, whether we are beginners or seasoned veterans and
regardless of whether we are running 5km or and ultramarathon.

The key is understanding the secrets to running success. 

That is why we started "Running Hot Coaching" to help you avoid all the pitfalls, the mistakes and the injuries. 
To make you a strong, fit and healthy runner and to help you achieve your running dreams. 

After years training, racing and coaching experience, we have developed the perfect training system that will get you the results in the most efficient manner possible. 

No more junk miles, no more burnout, no more broken bodies, no more motivation problems.
Hundreds of runners from all over the world,  of all levels and abilities use our systems. 

Our Holistic 5 pillars approach means we get you healthy as well as fit. 

When you join you get access to all the training plans you will ever need from 5km through to ultramarathon. Scaled to your level of ability.
All include:
- Run sessions & drill Workouts 
 -Mobility workouts 
- Strength workouts specific for runners
- Nutrition/supplementation guidance and clean eating recipes
- Mindset and Mental toughness Coaching 

Click To Watch Video From Ultra Endurance Athlete & Coach Lisa Tamati
What are the benefits of an online training system vs having a coach?

Our programme is much more cost effective than paying a running coach or trainer $70 - $100 per hour and you still get the accountability, all your questions answered and the personal support you need as well as fully periodised training plans with a simple structure to follow and you can access our plans on mobile or desktop so we are always in your pocket. Wherever you are in the world

We offer real-time online coaching and training that is designed just for you, no matter your fitness level, body type or race goals.

We will give you the all the pieces of the training puzzle and make it SIMPLE for you to follow, you get ongoing advice, accountability through the group and motivation to help you be your best.

We also take on a very limited number of runners on our "Mad Runner" personalised one on one programme. Aimed at those who can prove their dedication and willingness to learn, to maximise your potential for amazing results! (please enquire)

Join #RUNNINGHOT now and let’s work together to smash your goals!

Limited Spaces Almost Full
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
  • 5km, 10km plans
  •  Foundation plans - To build a strong base
  •  Halfmarathon training plans
  • Marathon training plans
  •  50 and 100 km training plans (100 mile & multi day on request)
  •  Technique and drill plans to improve form
  •  Mobility workouts 
  •  Strength plans specific to runners 
  •  Injury Prevention Video Series
  •  Recipes, videos and articles, podcasts - A huge library of resources
  • Members only Facebook group, where you get your questions answered and great group accountability
  • Access to live chats, webinars and podcasts.
  • Path of an athlete mini mindset course
  • 8 tips every runner should know e-book
  • BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme
  • Upgrade to weekly one on one coaching (very limited)
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
Billed as One Payment of USD $192
Injuries, burnout, exhaustion, hormone imbalances
Why Are Over 80% of Runners Injured Every Year?
Why are so many of us struggling with injuries?
How can we avoid the burnout, the plateaus and how can we avoid losing our motivation?

Lisa and Neil founded Running Hot Coaching because after 45 years of combined experience in running the toughest events on the planet and coaching hundreds of athletes one on one, testing, retesting, experimenting and programming we knew we finally had the answer that would change the lives of thousands of runners around the world. 

So many coaches and experts had pieces of the puzzle but no one was offering a holistic approach that covered all the aspects of making a strong and healthy runner.

So we set off on a journey to work out how to deliver all our answers in an online club.
Our Story
"After years running extreme ultra marathons Lisa was exhausted, broken and burnt out, had lost her motivation and joy for running.

She sought out coaches but no one had the answers and there were so many opinions out there.

They could advise her on the best gear, write her a training plan with all the miles she should run each week and how fast but they couldn’t tell her why she wasn’t improving, was putting on weight despite huge mileage and why she was depressed and fatigued.

The emphasis was always on “Just run more miles”
But that just wasn’t working anymore."
How many of you are feeling that way. No matter how hard you train nothing seems to work like it once did?
That’s when Neil came into Lisa's world and dissected her running programme and halved the mileage and introduced run specific strength training, daily and extensive mobility work, changed her diet and added supplements and literally rebuilt her body and mind from a health perspective not just a running perspective.

The results were gobsmacking. What followed were the best years of Lisa's career, national titles, podium places in big international ultramarathon events, massive expeditions were achieved and times reached that before had never been possible.
Seth Campbell
“Running Hot Coaching has been a real force multiplier in my train up for events from half marathon through to ultras. The programme Neil and Lisa put together got me over the line at the Northburn 100 miler, a brutal race that destroyed my buddy (an ultra veteran) the year before. Having the training programme built means I can just focus on the doing not the thinking. Smart training beats putting in junk kilometres every time and my results with Running Hot Coaching proves it."
Katie Virtue Smith
5 weeks since joining RHC and 10minutes difference in my 5k times. Thanks guys
Nicole Brisco: Runner
Since starting the 12 week running hot coaching plan I have noticed an increase in speed, endurance and overall strength, as well as a stronger mindset. This resulted in recently completing the Waitomo 35km trail run in 5hours and 39mins, beating my 2017 time of 9 hours 2mins. Running hot coaching is easy to follow, enjoyable and I highly recommend. Absolutely 100% worth it.
Limited Spaces, Almost Full
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
  • 5km,10km and foundation plans halfmarathon training plans
  • Marathon training plans
  • Technique training plans
  •  50 and 100 km training plans
  •  Strength and flexibility plans
  •  Recipes, videos and articles
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Access to live chats, webinars and podcasts
  • Path of an athlete mini mindset course
  • 8 tips every runner should know e-book
  • BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme
  • Upgrade to weekly coaching (very limited numbers - on application)
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
Billed as One Payment of USD $192
To arrive at the start line feeling prepared, strong and pain free
you need to be healthy, happy and motivated. 
If you are overtrained you can't perform at your peak. 
If you feel broken mentally or physically those race dreams will be elusive, so building the right foundation is key.
That's why we put health and longevity in the sport as our top priority.
We now have health programmes using the latest in scientific breakthroughs available on our platform.
We didn’t want athletes who performed for a year or two but who were then finished, burnt out and exhausted.
Health + holistic training = optimal performance
  • Run training sessions
  •  Run Specific Strength Training
  •  Mobility and myofascial release workouts
  •  Nutrition/Suppplementation and health focused programmes (Epigenetics Express and Boost Camp)
  •  Mindset and motivation.
Time efficiency
As our lives changed so did our priorities and we realised that many of our athletes were also facing these constraints.

The old high mileage models were fine for the 20 year old elite athlete who had no mortgage, no children, no big career pressures and was free to train all day but that just wasn’t the reality for most of our athletes or for ourselves, so we started working on ways to optimise training for time efficiency. Getting the most results in the least amount of time.

Were those junk miles we used to do really bringing the big payoffs? No!!!
Say no to junk miles!
We pride ourselves on looking at the whole person when it comes to training and taking a truly holistic approach. 
This means lower volume running programmes with a BIG emphasis on strength, mobility and flexibility work while fine tuning nutrition and mindset. 
We always love it when the results reflect this and we see it day in day out with our athletes successes
On Top of all that get these bonuses FREE
Bonus 1: Lisa's Mini - Mindset Academy Ecourse
Running is to us more than just a sport, a way to stay fit or reach our athletic goals, it literally saved Lisa's life, built her self esteem, her confidence, helped  her develop disciplines, techniques and a determination that helps her in literally every area of her life from her business endeavours to personal relationships.
Running helps us build strong bodies, but more than that it helps us build strong minds. 
Disciplined minds that can achieve the extraordinary and that is why mindset and motivation is such a big part of our philosophies and programmes.
In this short version of Lisa's Mindset Academy you will learn some of the lessons and techniques to develop a stronger mental game.
Bonus 2 - Free Secret Facebook Group
Secret Facebook Group (Members-Only Community)
All RHC members are invited to join our secret Facebook group where we are always answering questions and where you can converse with other like-minded community members. 

 Post your training and race pics and progress updates and receive encouragement and accountability from us, the team and our extended community of current members who are going through the exact same journey as you! 
Bonus 3 - 10 Day Clean Eating Programme By Top Nutritionist Ben Warren
Created by the BePure team of nutritionists, this easy to follow 10 Day Clean Eating Programme has been developed to demonstrate how easy it can be to eat well and feel good.

The 10-day plan is packed with delicious recipes that are nutrient rich, gluten-free, refined sugar free and specifically designed to nourish and cleanse your body.
Preparation is key in eating and living well, so each day has been carefully planned for you, with 10 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that include notes on what to prepare and when. 

The programme also includes a shopping list (that caters to different budgets) and a handy resource guide packed full of useful tips and recommendations to help you achieve your best results from the programme.
But Wait!!!!  Bonus 4 - 8 Tips Every Runner Should Know Ebook
What it covers:
- Re-energise with this 10-Minute Breathing Exercise
- How to Nail a Big Scary Goal
-Four Stages of Learning Anything
-A 30-Day Challenge
-Why You Should Care About Body Position
-The Lowdown on the Warm Up and the Cool Down 
-The Super Power in Visualisation
-How to Reframe a Bad Day
Bonus 5 - Partner Company Discounts, Discounts to Live Seminars/Retreats
Limited Spaces Almost Full
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
  • 5km,10km plans
  •  Foundation plans
  •  Halfmarathon training plans
  • Marathon training plans
  • Technique training plans
  •  50 and 100 km training plans (100 miler & Multi day on request)
  •  Strength workouts specific for runners
  •  Mobility & flexibility plans
  •  Recipes, videos, podcasts and articles and access to our huge library of resources on every imaginable training topic
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Access to live chats, webinars and podcasts
  • Path of an athlete mini mindset course
  • 8 tips every runner should know e-book
  • BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme
  • Upgrade to weekly one on one coaching (very limited numbers)
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
Billed as One Payment of USD $192
Our Running Hot Coaching family of athletes come from all corners of the globe and represent all levels and abilities. 

We facilitate a warm and supportive environment aimed at helping us all better ourselves rather than competing against each other
We aim to help encourage each other through the highs and lows the personal crises, the triumphs and successes.

It takes hard work, discipline, wisdom, self belief and perseverance to be a good runner, we can't help you avoid that.
 But we can help you avoid all the common mistakes, short cut the learnings, side step the injuries and help you to be a strong, fit, healthy and powerful runner who is in it for LIFE.
Steve Mayo
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you gave me over the last few months. The programme and your additional advice really did get me across the line. The discipline of the weekly schedule with helpful videos definitely helped to keep me on track and built well towards the final goal of completing my first marathon.Again thank you and all the best to you and the team at Running Hot Coaching.
Amy Thomas
"As a busy working Mum I get asked often how I manage to fit in all my training. My reply is that if you want something bad enough you find time. Running Hot Coaching has taught me that quality training over quantity training is the key."
Erena Shing
"As a stay at home mum raising twins, having a program for my goal, enables me to prioritise my day and gives me confidence that I’m training smarter and will be event-ready right when I need to be. Running Hot Coaching are a big part my journey, supporting me well beyond the finish line."
Finally get the programmes all made for you. Programmes that will get you the finish line in the best shape possible
  •  Access all our programmess via the Running Hot Coaching Platform
  •  Expert video coaching on running, mobility strength, injury prevention, nutrition, mindset and motivation. Hundreds of workouts
  •  Access via desktop or mobile app
  •  Get help from our world-class coaching team and access to our closed members only community
  •  Access to special club seminars and weekends, online challenges and discounts with partner companies
  • ​Team Swag in our online shop
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
  • 5km,10km plans
  •  Foundation plans 
  •  Halfmarathon training plans
  • Marathon training plans
  • Technique training plans
  •  50 and 100 km training plans (100 miler & multi day on request)
  •  Strength workout specific for runners
  •  Mobility and flexibility plans
  •  Recipes, videos, podcast interviews an articles  - a huge library of resources on every imaginable training topic
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Access to live chats, webinars and podcasts
  • Path of an athlete mini mindset course
  • 8 tips every runner should know e-book
  • BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme
  • Upgrade to weekly one on one coaching (very limited)
Save 55% Just $192 USD/YEAR
Billed as One Payment of USD $192
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Perhaps you are a beginner and want to know where to start or maybe you are between events and want to rejuvenate your training and your mind then this is the programme for you.
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Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders
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Ultramarathon programmes
From 50km, 100km. (For 100 miles and longer please ask) Want to tackle the big challenges out there, we have the experience and the programmes to get you there and the mindset training you will need to get you there.
Still have questions ask us now, click the button below and we will be in touch asap
More Testimonials
Nikki Heylar
"My big take out was the mindset piece. I was surprised how many of the group don’t consider themselves an athlete and it got me thinking. Why do I get caught up in whether I consider myself an athlete or not? I think I need to build a mindset to just enjoy where I am now plus remember how far I’ve come and foster the desire to better myself as a runner and person body/mind. Plus be kinder to myself and happy with progress is progress and enjoy my 3min PB properly and lose ‘only’ and ‘just’ from my vocab when I talk about my running.

Also after being around such a lovely group of positive people I really do need to rethink on who I let influence my headspace."
Corina Simpson

"Thanks guys 👍 my first ever half (and first running race since college over 20 years ago)! I know I wouldn’t have done so well without my running hot program and all of your answers and help with my questions!! Ended up running 1:42, 11th female home. Wasn’t easy but enjoyed the last few kms 😂
Lena Ellis

"You truly changed my life forever. If I had not joined your programmes  I would never even think about doing Bryce Canyon 50 miler in 2017, which was beyond brutal. And the progress from just meeting 50 km cut off in 2015 progress to 2nd female 100km Northburn 2018 gave me confidence to look at crazy races like Canadian Death Race."
With all that has gone on in the last 6 months I would not have achieved this goal without your help and this programme. I freely admit that I struggled to believe the claims around lower k’s etc to begin with and most likely would have given up after January but the proof was last weekends race and how (surprisingly) good I have felt since.
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